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Final Solution Pest Control


We eliminate pests that can spread disease in and around homes and restaurants. We eliminate mosquitoes that carry disseases such as the Zika Virus. We also help property owners protect their investments by offerring termite monitoring and elimination. We provide protection from all wood destroying insects, such as carpenter ants, and carpentor bees. If your considering buying a home, or renting an apartment, we can search it for bed bugs, and certify it bed bug free, giving you peace of mind.


For apartment community owners and managers, we offer affordable pest management programs where we inspect and treat every apartment for roaches once per month. For large apartment communities with over 100 units, we only charge $4.75 per apartment. We also certify vacant apartments as bed bug free, which is a great sales and marketing tool for leasing agents.


Monthly pest control is proven to increase tenant retention and it increases sales, while decreasing the number of vacant apartments, which increases profits for landlords. The best apartment communities are proactive instead of reactive. As an example, having monthly pest control allows bed bug infestations to be identified early and eliminated while it's just an issue with one apatment, which costs less to exterminate compared to being reactive and having ten apartments to exterminate!